Why should you visit Fitmaq?

FITMAQ offers visitors a broadly representative sample of the market for bargain machinery, where you can find suppliers and equipment suited to your needs. Exhibiting firms with experience and proven track record in the sector.


Exhibitors' Directory

This directory is designed to provide the necessary information to plan your visit in the best way possible. All companies listed here were exhibiting at the Fitmaq, bargain and used machiney fair.


+ Industry

More exhibitions, a better industry. The largest international manufacturing processes and industry supplies meeting. A unique industrial space that offers an interesting journey through seven international trade shows held at the same time.

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A total of 19.200 professionals from 71 countries responded to the call of smart manufacturing at the BEC
Date: 12 Jun 2017
The exhibition venue has hosted six industrial fairs and an employment forum The industry has grown at BEC in terms of volume, technological capacity and commitment to innovation during the celebration of Ferroforma, Subcontratación,......

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Presentation of industry events
Date: 05 Jun 2017
Industry will thrive at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre from 6th to 8th June thanks to the parallel hosting of Ferroforma, Subcontratación, Addit3D, Pumps & Valves Maintenance and Fitmaq, along with Workinn and Polveri......

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FITMAQ: meet the best suppliers of used and bargain machinery
Date: 18 May 2015
This 2nd edition of FITMAQ provides the best venue in Spain for exhibiting second-hand machinery. The event is organised jointly by Interempresas and Bilbao Exhibition Centre, and is to be attended by 20 of Spain’s leading......

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